Molding bluegrass with folk sensibilities, Giri Peters’ musicality is an inspired extension of his individualism.”

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"The two were extremely proficient vocally and on acoustic guitar, banjo and fiddle, as well as having a preternatural sense for stage presence and crowd work..."

"Giri and Uma did not get the gig solely because of their age, but because they are considered among the best artists in their craft."

"Uma and Giri Peters wow the crowd at IBMA's Shout and Shine Celebration of Diversity."

They were both the kind of musicians you only experience a few times in your life, the music just comes forth from them. They are so authentic.."

"As Giri played at his fiddle and Uma her clawhammer banjo, their bright voices cutting through the air....even the most seasoned blues player would be impressed with what they were hearing."

"...a brother-sister act that had previously brought down the house for faithfully bringing old string band sounds, Giri and Uma Peters."