In hopes that his music will some day be the greatest medicine to people all over the world, singer-songwriter Giri Peters writes music about the imperfections and beauties of everyday life. Giri (18) is a multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, TN, and has won numerous awards for his skillful playing of violin, guitar, and mandolin. Giri has been electrifying audiences with a refreshing, soulful blend of music and songwriting. Alongside his sister Uma, Giri has performed for audiences all over the country, the biggest being a crowd of 15,000 people. Although young in age, his musicianship and songwriting abilities showcase a level of creativity and originality well beyond his years. Giri released his first single, ‘Into The Sky’ in May of 2020, but he says ‘the best is yet to come.



The new heart, face, and soul of old-time music is Giri and Uma Peters!”

— Abigail Washburn